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Last week Sicilians elected Anti-mafia MEP, Rosario Crocetta as their governor.

“It’s the first time that a candidate for the left is elected as regional governor, it’s the first time that an anti-mafia candidate wins,” declared Mr Crocetta, who has campaigned against organised crime and lives under police protection after threats to his life.

In the last few years, one of the most important findings in the framework of the fight against Mafia is that organised crime acts globally. Indeed, Mafia is not only a national but it is a European problem and it is only at a European level that it can be fought through the harmonisation of laws and close cooperation between all Member States.

To cope with globalised crime, the European Parliament has established a special committee on organised crime whose deputy chairman was Rosario Crocetta.

The financial and economic crisis is resulting in a credit crunch and a lack of liquidity undermining all the economic activities. Unlike banks and institutional mediators, “Mafia” has a lot of liquidity to be injected in the real economy. For this reasons, we have to be at the forefront of the fight against organised crime.

These results coming from Sicily are an indication that things are changing even in places traditionally seen as strongholds of the organised crime.

Mr. Crocetta’s task will not be easy and we have to give him all our support to wipe out mafia and build a better Sicily.

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