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A too dangerous risk

The attacks against the Western embassies in the Arab world are unacceptable. Politically oriented movements are exploiting religion to undermine peace and dialogue.

We should stand firm and committed against any form of terrorism. Our friendship with Islam is not concerned as these people believe only in violence and not in religion. The visit of the Pope to Lebanon, the escalation in the confrontation between Iran and Israel have been considered by terrorist groups windows of opportunity to destabilise the Arab region.

We have to reject this race to war. Arab government have to commit themselves to fight against terrorism and Europe has to be clear vis-a-vis Israel: any, unauthorised attack against Iran will be counterproductive and dangerous and should be avoided at any cost.

If we are not able to stop this process of radicalisation, the consequences will be extreme. It is not only peace to be at stake these days. The co-existence between human beings is in danger.

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