Spinelli's chicken

Here we are! Italia Viva has just started from Spoleto, a beautiful town in the heartland of the Beautiful Umbria, in Central Italy.
Italia Viva is a trip around Italy aimed at visiting and supporting the Best experiences in Italy (www.primapersona.eu/italiaviva)
Italia Viva is a name difficult to translate into English. It means lively, “Vivid Italy” but also “Long Live Italy”!
My country is facing a deep recession, the country is losing hope in the future. Italy has the strength to overcome this difficult period. We have to accompany and support the best energies of our country and bring them to Europe.
This morning I have visited Meccanotecnica Umbra, a cutting edge company specialized in innovative products. This is an export led company which has been able to strengthen its position in the global markets.
Creativity, vivacity, boldness: these are the main Italian assets to be encouraged.
My journey into the best Italy will last 12 days. I will go from the far North to the Far South. I will visit small initiatives neglected by media. I will go, for example, to San Stefano Sessanio, a small village landlocked by the Mountains, close to L’Aquila which has been renovated and brought to new life. I will go to Sicily to learn from a group of citizens committed to the fight against Mafia in their neighborhood.

This is the Best Italy. You have to listen to these people. This journey is an indication of how I see politics: not a top-down process but more a bottom-up process.

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