Spinelli's chicken

I am writing this post when the European Championship is not yet over.

I am happy for the Italian victory in the semifinal and tonight I will support my national team even though I like a Mediterranean national team such as Spain.
What I would like to stress is not related to soccer in itself. I would like to stress the political, cultural, and ethical meaning of Mario Balotelli’s outstanding performance.
The political meaning has been emphasized by the outcome of the European Council held last Friday: Germany is an idle with feet of clay and can play a crucial collective role only when Germans work for the European integration.
In soccer like in politics, power and strength are not enough to succeed. You also need generosity, intelligence, passion, creativity and team-building attitude as Italy has showed.
The ethical and cultural aspects are related to Mario Balotelli, a black Italian, criticized ad demonized as a “fake” Italian by some pundits.
This absurdity has been challenged by the image of a triumphant Balotelli celebrating our victory. His happiness has delighted even those stupid extremists which have stirred up racism in Europe.

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