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Waiting for Greece

The Greek people are now voting!

Tension is high as this vote will influence Europe’s destiny. Our future is at stake.
My wish is that Pro-Europe Parties will win. I hope the winner will be able to combine dignity, fairness, Europeanism with the strength to bring Greece over the crisis, thus consolidating its Eurozone membership.
A Grexit from the Eurozone will have dangerous effects for Europe: the yields on Italian and Spanish debt will be unsustainable, the crisis will spread all over Europe and the European project will risk imploding.
Greek people have already paid for the mistakes of their leaders. It is now time to turn the page and give a clear signal of change: Europe should take into consideration the idea of reviewing the Greek memorandum to make it more socially sustainable.

Tonight I will wait for the results of the polls with hope. Europe without Greece would be like a child without a birth certificate.

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